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Aesop Scroll Transition is a free add on for Aesop Story Engine. This component allows you to transition between two images as you scroll down vertically. This component can be used to create a dramatic effect to enhance your story telling. Try the following example. After the image loads, try scrolling down slowly.



[aesop_scroll_transition transition=”crossfade” image1=”” image2=”” fullwidth=”on”]

The above example used the transition type Crossfade

The following uses Right to Left.

[aesop_scroll_transition transition=”righttoleft” image1=”” image2=”” fullwidth=”on”]


Use your creativity and come up with interesting effects.




[aesop_scroll_transition transition=”righttoleft” image1=”” image2=”” fullwidth=”on”]


A new additional feature for this component is “Force Full Width” option. When checked on, this allows the component to fill the horizontal width of the browser even when used under a theme that does not enable full width contents. (For example, TwentyNineteen)

After intstalling, you can use this add-on like any other Aesop component.

Classic Editor Interface:


Gutenberg Interface:

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Aesop Scroll Transition