Aesop Scroll Transition

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Aesop Scroll Transition is a free add on for Aesop Story Engine. This component allows you to transition between two images as you scroll down vertically. This component can be used to create a dramatic effect to enhance your story telling. Try the following example. After the image loads, try scrolling down slowly.

The above example used the transition type Crossfade

The following uses Right to Left.

Use your creativity and come up with interesting effects.

A new additional feature for this component is “Force Full Width” option. When checked on, this allows the component to fill the horizontal width of the browser even when used under a theme that does not enable full width contents. (For example, TwentyNineteen)

After intstalling, you can use this add-on like any other Aesop component.

Classic Editor Interface:

Gutenberg Interface:

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Aesop Scroll Transition