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== 1.0.4 ==
* fixed a bug with Story by not being translatable, and renamed to Written by to match index
* new filter \"genji_story_by\" to change this text

== 1.0.3 ==
* i18n support
* styling support for collections

== 1.0.2 ==
* improvements to tag archive view
* added Aesop Social add-on links integration
* added Aeso Story Highlights add-on support
* added 16 Universal Aesop Theme Hooks (see owners manual or docs for more information)

== 1.0.1 ==
* fixed child themes not overriding
* fixed styling with post pagination

== 1.0 ==
* Initial Release

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Aesopinteractive would like to present Genji, the first official theme for the Aesop Story Engine.

Genji together with ASE, enables publishers to create dynamic stories, similar to NY Times Snowfall. The Aesop Story Engine is a free download available on

We’ve included the ability to install ASE right after you activated the theme within WordPress. Of course, this theme can be used without ASE just as well (although it won’t be near as cool).

Important note: Genji does not have the “story cover” feature as found on the Aesop Story Engine demo site, but does have the option for you to set the smaller featured image area for each post.

  Pre-Sales Questions ( 5 )

  1. Hello! I am loving this theme. One question: If I am publishing a lit mag, is there a way to have say, three columns on the homepage, instead of just the one? I’m thinking I’d have the last 3 or so issues on the homepage at a time, but separated by issue (with a title above). Let me know if I could do this!

    • Hey Ryan!
      While this theme doesn’t directly have any of those features, it’s not to hard to do with a child theme. You also might try to use the Collections component will show posts from a category in a grid. This may require some additional CSS modifications however. Does this help?

  2. At checkout, it asked if I was renewing a license key. Do I need to pay $99 each year in order to use this theme, or will this be a one-time purchase?

    • Julie! The theme cost provides automatic updates and support for the theme for up to one year. After this time, the license must be renewed (at 30% off) in order to continue receiving support and theme updates. The theme will always continue to work.

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Genji Built to Make your Content Shine