How much time you spend with your Aesop Story Engine based project is important to us. Whether you’re using ASE on a new project, or switching themes, we want you to spend as little time as possible during the process.

Let’s take switching themes for example. Traditionally, switching themes currently involves a lot of work. This is because a lot of themes pack in functionality, and essentially “lock in” your content. Your content shouldn’t disappear when you deactivate the theme. This is why we take the complete opposite approach when building WordPress themes for Aesop Story Engine.

Now let’s consider functionality. The great thing about ASE, is that you can take your settings with you. All your story components will have the same settings, no matter what theme you have. This makes things like migrations a snap, especially when you consider that Aesop components can be exported from within WordPress. You’ll never have to re-create your Aesop Story Engine components.

Functionality Reserved for Add-ons

Components aside, the WordPress themes that we build follow suite. You’ll be hard pressed to find much functionality baked into our themes. You won’t find sliders, shortcodes, or custom post types. You won’t even find social icons. All of these things we reserve for Aesop add-ons sold in our Library. The great thing about this approach, is that the plugins we build fit universally into our themes.


Changing Aesop build themes, is as easy as changing themes. There’s nothing to go back and setup.

For example, our social plugin, Aesop Social, saves your Twitter, Facebook, and Goole+ profile handles and URL’s. The themes we build, then use that to show the icons. When you switch themes, your social settings stay the same. The theme just makes them look awesome.

And that’s the way it should be.

We’re seeing more and more theme developers taking this same approach, further emphasizing the validity of the philosophy.

So what does all this mean for you as the end-user? The person who actually buys and uses these themes? It means that you’re getting a fast and efficiently written theme without anything extra. You’re also getting peace of mind, knowing that our priority with this approach is to improve your experience with WordPress, instead of making an extra buck packing in features to sell you on. It means that you can finally switch themes in an hour after work one day during the week, as opposed to making it a weekend project.

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  1. The Aesop Story Engine content is all stored inside the shortcode brackets. If the result is not what was expected, all the settings have to be entered again. That is a painful way to experiment with the settings. If I new what every little setting was going to do beforehand, then it might be possible to get it right the first time. But that is not the case while learning.

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