Aesop Story Engine: Beyond Blogging

What’s it about?

Aesop Story Engine is a free collection of several components that can enrich your WordPress user experience.  At the surface level, ASE let you insert images, videos, galleries, chapter navigation, animated effects and more to your posts quickly and easily.  You can craft eye-catching and emotionally engaging stories and articles using these components.  These collections are specially well suited to empower storytellers, journalists and photo/media bloggers.

Look at how some of the features look:

Aesop Parallax Component


Aesop Parallax Gallery


Panorama Image


There are 13 total components. Here are some of them.

Image Component Demo

Video Component Demo

Chapter Component Demo

Gallery Component Demo

Audio Component Demo

Parallax Component Demo

Content Component Demo

Collection Component Demo

Timeline Component Demo

Map Component Demo

Sticky Map Component Demo

Document Component Demo

In addition, there are both paid and free addons available. You can check them here.

Free Add-Ons:

Aesop Reveal Add-On (Free)
Aesop Scroll Transition Add-On (Free)

Check out the latest updates and features at our Blog.

For examples of people using Aesop Story Engine to have their stories stand out, check Showcases

How do I use them?

Aesop Story Engine is a WordPress plugin that can be installed like any other plugin. It can be used directly while composing posts under WordPress. For more information, refer to Quick Start Guide.

What Themes Can I Use?

Aesop Story Engine is compatible with most themes, but can be most effective with the themes that support full-width post. It supports the Twenty Twenty theme.

To convert your theme to support full with, check out this tutorial. To check out the themes we offer, check out our store.
Anything More?

Sure! Check the BLOG for the latest features and updates.

While Aesop Story Engine core is free and always will be, we have several premium themes and addons available. While Aesop Story Engine is compatible with most WordPress themes, our premium themes and addons are crafted for full compatibility and maximum presentation.


In addition, Aesopinteractive offers Aesop Editus, the premium frontend editor that lets you post and edit your WordPress posts from the frontend while viewing the page.  While Editus doesn’t require Aesop Story Engine and vice versa, Editus allows easy, intuitive, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing experience. You can experience a sample demo at the Editus site.

Why is storytelling important?

While it’s easy to be cynical and claim that average internet users have attention span of gadflies, impactful storytelling remains very important online. For example, blog posts that gather highest attention from the Google search engine tend to be long form posts of 2000 words or more.

Long form posts and articles must tell compelling stories and engage the senses of the readers in order to retain their attention and interest. As much as we would like to imagine ourselves as the creatures of reason, we human beings are still the creatures of narratives.  Hope you can all become powerful storytelling heroes.

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