Lightbox Update: Version 2.2.5

New Feature: Map Style

New Aesop Gallery Type: Horizontal Gallery

New Aesop Add-On: Aesop Scroll Transition

Recent Feature Additions

Gutenberg Support

New Aesop Feature: Panorama Image

How to Turn Your Theme Full Width

New Chapter Styles: Aesop 1.9.9 Features

Novella News

New Aesop Features (1.9.8) (Video/Animation/Gallery)

Aesop Video Component Update (1.9.7) New Video Features

Aesop Story Engine 1.9.6 New Features (More Animations)

Aesop Story Engine 1.9.5 New Features (Animated Effects and More)

Aesop Story Engine 1.9 New Features

Novella and Jorgen Updates

A Quick Aesop Parallax Gallery Tutorial

Recent Aesop Story Engine Updates (1.7.8)

ASE 1.6.3-1.6.6 – Release Notes

Enter to Win a Storytelling Theme – Final Call

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