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Aesop Events are managed as a custom post type in your WordPress admin. Each Event can have unlimited time events, and, you can display multiple different events on the same post.

Demo: You can drag on the timeline.

  • SHORPY-4a15232a.preview1
    1901. "Steamer Priscilla, Fall River Line."
  • SHORPY-4a11122a.preview1
    Ancients and Honorables
    Boston circa 1903.
  • SHORPY-4a09998a.preview
    Boston Art
    Boston, 1906. "Copley Square and Museum of Fine Arts."
  • Boston-slums-1909-Photo-by-Thomas-E.-Marr1
    Boston slums
    Boston slums, 1909 Photo by Thomas E. Marr
  • Locate the Events tab on your left in WordPress admin, and click "Add New Event." Give the event a title, then proceed to the next step below to start adding event information.

  • Choose a layout, and provide at least some text and a title. Then, supply a date and time using the date and time pickers. If your chosen layout is text, then the image and video URL fields will not be needed. You can also place HTML inside of the text box.

  • Insert your Aesop Event to your post by going to Edit Post, and insert component as you would with any other Aesop Component.

Aesop Event Edit Options

Layout – Choose a layout for that individual slide. Choose from Text, Image, Video, Image + Text, or Video + Text
Date – Choose a date by clicking into the space and using the date picker. This field is not required.
Time – Choose a time by clicking into the space and using the time picker. This field is not required.
Title – Provide a title that’s displayed on the item in the timeline. This field is required.
Image – If using a layout with an image, select an image from the media library.
Text – Supply text to be used if using a layout with text.
Video URL – If using a layout with video, supply the URL of the video.
Left / Right Width – Specify the width of the left and right sides of the item if using Image + Text or Video + text layout.

tipThe text area can accept some HTML so you can wrap headings and text in markup.


Adjust the format of the date that’s displayed. Default is m.d.y. Other combinations can be found here.

  1. add_filter("aesop_events_date_format", "my_date_format");
  2. function my_date_format() {
  3. return ‘m, d, y’;
  4. }
add_filter("aesop_events_date_format", "my_date_format");
function my_date_format() {
return 'm, d, y';

Action Hooks

All hooks in Aesop Events operate in the same manner where the Unique Identifier is passed as an argument in order to target specific events. Here’s an example of how to target the first instance of events with a post id of 1200 and puts the text “Hi” before the events.

  1. add_action("aesop_events_before", "my_insert_something", 10, 1);
  2. function my_insert_something( $unique ) {
  3. if ( "1200-1" == $unique ) {
  4. echo "Hi";
  5. }
  6. }
add_action("aesop_events_before", "my_insert_something", 10, 1);
function my_insert_something( $unique ) {
if ( "1200-1" == $unique ) {
echo "Hi";

Here are the hooks that are available in Aesop Events.