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Aesop Gallery Pop will display the first image from the gallery in your post. When users click this image, the gallery of photos open in a lightbox. If you want to change what image appears in the post that users click, simply drag/drop and rearrange the gallery to place whatever image you’d like first.

Titles, ALT tags, and captions are all displayed. These can be edited in the gallery creation process below. Simply click an image while in the media modal to edit it’s title, ALT, and caption.

Aesop Gallery Pop works out of the box with no additional styles and is compatible with all WordPress themes, so long as Aesop Story Engine is activated.

Creating Galleries

  • Locate the Galleries tab on your left in WordPress admin, and click "Add New Gallery." Give the gallery a title, then proceed to the next step below to start adding gallery information.

  • Give the gallery a title. This is never displayed, it's only for reference. Then, click the "Add Images" button.

  • Choose your images, and select the Gallery Pop layout. Now you can publish your gallery.

  • Once published, go to your story, open the generator, select Gallery Pop, and choose the gallery you'd like to be displayed.


The registered image size is 1024. You can adjust this registered image size by filtering and passing an integer. Warning, you will need to force regenerate all thumbnails if you modify the size of the image.

The size of the image that’s clicked that opens the gallery modal. Note, this is not in “pixels.” This should be a string that’s passed denoting the size of the image in WordPress. The default is “large”

The icon used on the trigger image. By default it’s an icon of a stack of images by Dashicons. Pass html markup here.

The markup used for the caption template.


All actions pass one variable, the unique identifier for the specific gallery.



Here’s an example of adding something to the first gallery listed on the post with id 1200.

  1. add_action("agp_before_trigger", "my_insert_something", 10, 1);
  2. function my_insert_something( $unique ) {
  3. if ( "1200-1" == $unique ) {
  4. echo "Hi";
  5. }
  6. }
add_action("agp_before_trigger", "my_insert_something", 10, 1);
function my_insert_something( $unique ) {
if ( "1200-1" == $unique ) {
echo "Hi";