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The Aesop Social plugin will add Facebook Open Graph meta tags, Twitter meta cards, Google Authorship, Google Analytics integration, and will also save those social link profiles. These settings will save, even if you change from one Aesop theme to another.

All settings are entered within the theme customizer. While logged in, head to Appearance → Customize and click the Aesop Social tab.

Social Options

Enable Twitter Cards – Checking this box will integrate Twitter Meta Card data within your site. The “description” is pulled from the post or page excerpt, and if no description if found, it will fall back to your site’s description.

Twitter Image Fallback – Here you can provide a fallback image for the Twitter Meta Card image. By default Twitter will use the featured image of the post or page but if one is not present, it will use what you upload here.

Enable Facebook Open Graph – This works just like the Twitter Meta Card info above and enables rich social sharing from your site.

Facebook Image Fallback – Here you can provide a fallback for the Facebook Open Graph image. By default Facebook will use the featured image of the post or page but if one is not present, it will use what you upload here.

Google Analytics – Enter your Google Analytics UA-XXXX-XXX code to enable Google Analytics site tracking.

Facebook App ID – By providing a Facebook App ID, you can enrich the quality of snippets shared from your site.

Twitter Username – Provide your Twitter handle. Some Aesop themes, and especially Twitter Meta cards, will use this.

Facebook Profile or Page URL – Provide your Facebook page or profile URL, as some Aesop themes will utilize this.

Google+ Profile URL – This is helpful for validating your website when setting up a Google+ profile. Some Aesop themes will also use this.

Displaying Icons

Because we take a universal approach to building themes and add-ons, Aesop Social can be used within any of our themes to display social icons. It’s up to the theme to determine where to display them. With Aesop Social, your settings remain in one place, so you can take them with you to your next Aesop theme.

noteIcons not showing in Jorgen? Visit Appearance → Customize → Jorgen Options and check the box to Enable Front Page header.

If you’re a developer, there are a few hooks and filters available.


Display the icons in any theme by placing the snippet above wherever you’d like the icons to appear. This is typically done within a theme template file. Note, this is NOT necessary for themes built by Aesopinteractive L.L.C.


This filter allows you to change the default “Find us” message.


This action allows you to add more links to the end of the list. Here’s an example:

function myaddlinks(){
  return "<a href="">New Link</a>";

noteThe new hooks and filters are only available in Aesop Social 1.0.2+.