Help » Aesop Story Highlights

With Aesop Story Highlights, you can add a “cliff notes” style summary to individual stories with an easy to use admin interface.

  • Create a post within WordPress.

  • Using the Story Highlights meta panel, add individual highlights with the "Add New" button.

  • Highlights will be displayed in the appropriate place that the theme decides.

Aesop Story Highlights is compatible with all Aesop themes. Each Aesop theme will display the Story Highlights in its own style so refer to each theme’s demo to see an example.


Optionally display highlights wherever you want using the following shortcode:



The above PHP filter can be used to alter the name of the module. Default text is ‘Story Highlights’. Here is an example on how to change the title using a filter:

function mychangetitle(){
  return 'New title';

Override Shortcode

The main shortcode function can be overwritten by copying/pasting into a child theme’s functions.php file.