Help » Character Carousel

Character Carousel is a great way to show multiple characters in a story without any code at all. You can create and manage unlimited Character Carousels, all within your WordPress admin.

To get started, visit your WordPress admin and click on the Carousels tab on the left. In the Carousels tab, you can create a carousel, so go ahead and create one! The name is not used, and is only for your reference. The Character Carousel utilizes all of the options of the Character Component found within Aesop Story Engine. You can upload an image as an avatar as well as specify a name and biography.

Carousel Options
Set this to something like 1000 to have the carousel automatically rotate every 1 second.
Visible Items
Enter a number such as 4 or 7. This will determine how many characters will be shown at once.
Enable Pager
Enable or disable the pager that appears below the carousel.

After setting up your first Character Carousel, copy and paste the specified shortcode in the page or post where you want the carousel displayed.