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With the Gallery component, you can create up to six types of image galleries with optional captions or lightbox effects.

Drag and drop galleries

Options Overview

Galleries are created and managed under the “Galleries” tab located at WordPress Admin → Galleries and utilizes the standard WordPress galleries. This means you can add/remove images as well as add captions. The Gallery component creates a gallery of images which can be displayed in multiple formats and are inserted into a story with a shortcode. Each story can have unlimited galleries.

Refer to the “help” tab at WordPress Admin → Galleries for additional help on how to create a gallery.

Gallery options

Title – Add a title to your gallery for ease of identification.

Add Image Button – Add images by clicking the Add Images button. Select multiple by holding down CNTRL or COMMAND, then click “Use Selected Images.”

Select Layout – Choose a layout by clicking on a layout option.

Set Options – Adjust any available options for your specified gallery type.

Hit Publish – Publish the gallery.

Insert Gallery Component – Go to any post, open the Component generator, select the Gallery component, and choose the gallery that you just created from the list.

Tips: Clicking the “x” icon over the image will delete the image from this gallery (but not from your site). Clicking the “pencil” icon will let you edit any information for the image such as a caption or title used by some galleries.

note Some gallery types may not display correctly because your theme is responsible for how galleries appear.

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