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Genji was our first commercial theme and its main goal is to allow you to get started building with Aesop quickly and easily. No “story cover” feature is in this theme. Genji instead features a scaled back version that automatically resizes itself.

All themes include an owner’s manual which is included within your theme download file. The owner’s manual contains additional information specific to your theme. Please refer to your product’s owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Options Overview

Site Logo
Upload an optional logo to be displayed instead of the site title.
Controls the background color of the site.
This controls the text color.
This controls the text link color.
Footer Text
Change the site’s footer text. You can use HTML here.

tip If you’d like to replicate the demo content, download and unzip the Genji XML file, and import the file at WordPress Admin → Tools → Import.

noteDevelopers: refer to the owner’s manual found within the theme download file for documentation on setting up a child theme as well as how to use the included dev tools.