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The Image component displays an image with an optional lightbox effect. The Image component can also display a caption and photo credit.


Look at the Image Component Demo

Options Overview

Image URL – URL for the image. Click Select Media to open the WordPress Media Library.

Image Width – Width of the image. You can enter the size as 40% or 500px.

Caption – Optional caption for the image.

Image Credit – This is typically used to credit the photographer for his or her work. Enter a name and it will show as Photo by: Name.

Image ALT – ALT tag used for the image. Primarily used for SEO purposes.

Image Alignment – How should the image be aligned? If using a caption, the caption will automatically align with this option.

Image Offset – Using this option you can float an image outside of the text. Enter a size like -200px.

Caption Position – Use this to override the caption alignment (which is otherwise inherited from the image).

Lightbox – Choose on and the image will open up the full-size version in a lightbox.