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Jorgen is a complete replica of our Playground demo site and was built after numerous customer requests. The Playground was originally built to showcase what Aesop can do when coupled with a storytelling theme, and Jorgen expands on this ability by adding extra Story Cover options, comments, and complete color control.

All themes include an owner’s manual which is included within your theme download file. The owner’s manual contains additional information specific to your theme. Please refer to your product’s owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Options Overview

Controls the background color of the site.
This controls the text color.
This controls the text link color.
Change the width of the text content in your stories.
Enable Front
Page Header
Creates a small header at the top of your blog page that shows the site title, social media icons (if you own Aesop Social), and navigation menu.

Front Page Header

With Jorgen 1.0.4+, you can enable a small header that will appear at the top of the blog page. This header holds the site title, social media icons, and a navigation toggle menu that, when clicked, will reveal an off-canvas WordPress menu. This is the same menu style that shows on single pages.

If the Aesop Social add-on is activated, social links for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will be placed inside the Front Page Header as well. To display the icons, visit Appearance → Customize → Jorgen Options and check the box to Enable Front Page header.

Story Cover

The Story Cover uses the Featured Image set in the WordPress post editor. If the image is too light or too dark, you can add a “mask” to adjust its opacity as well as change the color of the text using the custom Story Cover controls. With the Story Cover feature you can also set a “block style” cover which slightly resembles a book cover with big, responsive text.

Start by first setting a cover image in the Featured Image area of the WordPress post editor. From there, adjust the cover using the controls. The unique thing about Jorgen is that each story has its own Story Cover options, which are:

Cover Setup
Cover Text Color
Controls the color of the text on the story color.
Story Background Color
This controls the overall background color of the story.
Story Text Color
This controls the overall color of the story text.
Story Cover Mask Color
Sometimes your cover image can be too light or dark, so you can apply a “mask” and set the color here. Black is a great place to start if you’re not sure.
Story Cover Mask Opacity
After applying the mask, specify the opacity, or how “see through” it is. 0.2 is a great place to start if you’re not sure.
Cover Layout
Jorgen ships with two different cover type styles. You can have it as a “minimal” setup or a “block” style setup. If you choose “block” style, then you can use the options below. Otherwise the options below have no effect. Again, these are specific to each individual story.
Cover Lines 1 – 5
If you are using Block cover style, Jorgen will attempt to split the title on its own. However, you can override this with the lines 1-5. Use any, or all lines.
Maximum Font Size
If you don’t have a lot of text, the font size will likely be ginormous. Put in a maximum, like 400.
Maximum Title Width
What’s the maximum overall width of the block style text? Default is 70% of the width of the screen.

tip If you’d like to replicate the demo content, download and unzip the Jorgen XML file, and import the file at WordPress Admin → Tools → Import.

noteDevelopers: refer to the owner’s manual found within the theme download file for documentation on setting up a child theme as well as how to use the included dev tools.