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The Parallax component creates a full-width multi-layered image component where the background image will move slightly as you scroll. Also supports captions and an optional lightbox effect.

Options Overview

Image – URL for the image. Click Select Media to open the WordPress Media Library.

Parallax Background Image – If set to on, the image will move slightly as you scroll down the page. Note: the top/bottom of the image will be cropped to fit in the viewable area. That area is set by the height above.

Enable Floating Element – This option will enable a second parallax media layer that will float on top of the background image.

Floater Media – You can use text and images here. To use an image, use the full HTML tag without quotes around the image path.

Position of Floater – If you are using the Floater option, where should the floater be positioned?

Offset Amount of Floater – This value will vary depending on your floater media. Enter a value like -200 and tweak as you see fit.

Parallax Direction of Floater – Which direction should the floater media travel?

Caption – Provide an optional caption that will be displayed using the position set below.

Caption Position – If using a caption, where should it be positioned within the parallax component?

Image Lightbox – Enable an optional lightbox that, when clicked, will show the full size version of the parallax image.

tip The Offset and Direction properties are used with the Parallax option.

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