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The Quote component creates a styled quote with large type. You can set a background image, control the color of the type, as well as animate the text across the screen.

Options Overview

Component Width – You can enter the size as 40% or 500px. Enter the word content to restrict the width to that of the main text.

Background Color – Select a background color to be used as the background.

Optional Background Image – URL for the image. Click Select Media to open the WordPress Media Library.

Text Color – Select a color for the quote text.

Height of Image Area – Choose a height for the component. The quote will automatically center itself vertically. By default this is set to auto.

Alignment – By default the quote is centered but you can choose to have it left or right aligned instead.

Quote Size – Font size of the quote.

Enable Quote Parallax – Set to on to have the quote text animate across the component.

If Using Parallax, Starting Offset – Start with a value like -100px and tweak as desired. This moves the starting position of the quote if using parallax.

Speed of Parallax Movement – If using parallax, how fast the quote will travel across the screen.

Parallax Direction of Quote – If using parallax, the direction that the quote should travel.

The Quote – The actual quote that will be displayed.

Cite – Provide an optional cite or source for the quote.

aesop quote offset how to

tip The Parallax, Offset, and Direction properties are used with the Parallax option. Refer to the illustration above for a visual guide on how the offset is applied.

note Certain themes will override the available options due to design.