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Aesop Scroll Transition

Aesop Scroll Transition is a free add on for Aesop Story Engine. This component allows you...


Aesop Reveal

NEW: Aesop Reveal now supports Gutenberg. Aesop Reveal is a free add on for Aesop Story...


Novella Precision Crafted for writers

Your stories will look better with Novella, a precision storytelling theme for Aesop Story Engine.


Fable Hand-crafted for Storytellers

Hand-crafted for storytellers, creatives, and anyone with a story to tell.


Zealot Perfect for News and Membership Sites

A perfect theme for news and membership sites featuring sidebar and full-width post layouts.


Aesop Gallery Pop NY Times Inspired Fullscreen Gallery

A full-screen, mobile and tablet friendly image gallery inspired by the NY Times.


Aesop Events Display Historical Events with Style

Aesop Events displays historical events in a timeline style fashion that's optimized for mobile and tablets.


Kerouac A storytelling theme perfect for photographers

A perfect fit for any business or writer looking to make a big impact with creative...


Andersen Built for Writers and Bloggers Alike

The perfect theme for bloggers, and those who are eager to get into longform storytelling, but...


Aesop Story Highlights Display Cliff Notes Style Highlights

Add a cliff-notes style summary to individual stories with Aesop Story Highlights.


Aesop Story Front Show a Story on Any Page

Choose any story within your site and set that story as the "front page" of your...


Aesop Character Carousel

Create unlimited carousels of characters that you can display in any page or post.


Jorgen The Original Aesop Story Engine Theme for WordPress

With the original Story Cover feature and individual story design, Jorgen is perfect for storytellers.


Genji Built to Make your Content Shine

Genji Demo File (A zipped XML file you can import to recreate the Genji demo site...


Aesop Social

Google Analytics, Facebook App Integration, Twitter Cards, and Facebook Open Graph, and more.


Aesop Lazy Loader Speed up Your Site

Lazy loads all Aesop image components including gallery images.


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Third-Party Themes

Hand-crafted themes by third-party theme shops that support Aesop Story Engine.

worldview aesop

Worldview - UpThemes

journalistic aesop

Journalistic - UpThemes