Aesop Character Carousel

== 1.2 ==
* compatibility with Aesop Story Engine 1.4

== 1.1.1 ==
* improved plugin update system

== 1.1 ==
* Added full compatibility for Aesop Story Engine 1.1. This means you can now select the carousel within the story generator.
* Shortcode name changed to aesop_character_carousel, however the old one will continue to work. Newly added codes will take the new name.
* Added option to enable pagination of carousel

== 1.0 ==
* Initial release

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The Aesop Character Carousel is a fantastic way to show multiple characters in your story. With an easy to use admin interface, adding new characters is a snap! You can even drag-and-drop to re-order the characters, and the carousel works great on mobile and tablets.


  • utilizes the character component in Aesop Story Engine
  • create and manage unlimited carousels
  • drag-and-drop to re-order characters
  • adjust timing and visible items
  • mobile and tablet friendly



  Pre-Sales Questions ( 4 )

  1. Aesop Character Carousel ? how would you use this addon ? can you show us a live example of it used in a story?

  2. Is there a way to have the carousel auto-slide at predetermined intervals (ex. Every 2 sec)? And can the carousel be easily modified to place text to the side of a graphic, instead of below, so that more than 1 sentence can be included?

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Aesop Character Carousel