Aesop Events

== 1.4 ==
* Gutenberg Support

== 1.3 ==
* Each slide displays title if enabled.

== 1.2 ==
* Fixed a bug on mobile
* Fixed a bug on image add

== 1.1 ==
* Compatibility with Aesop Story Engine 1.4

== 1.0.1 ==
* Improved plugin update system

== 1.0 ==
* Initial release

NEW: Aesop Events (v1.4) now supports Gutenberg.

Image 2014-09-27 at 2.35.34 PM

Aesop Events displays historical events in a timeline-style fashion that’s optimized for mobile and tablets. Aesop Events was designed to fit within your story for a seamless experience. Easily organize events with a custom post type in WordPress and display unlimited events across your stories.

With the Aesop Events add-on you can show any type of event in style with full compatibility in any WordPress theme. On mobile and tablets, the bottom area is swipeable with native gesture support. This means you can easily use Aesop Events on smart phones and tablets. Being fully responsive, Aesop Events will accommodate any screen size on most devices.

Editable Component Options

Edit the Aesop Events options with an easy to use visual interface (Aesop Story Engine 1.1+). Each individual item can have a different layout and can accommodate text and video. With adjustable widths for each side of the item, you’re sure to find a layout to accommodate your content.

Demo With Pictures and Texts

  • SHORPY-4a15232a.preview1
    1901. "Steamer Priscilla, Fall River Line."
  • SHORPY-4a11122a.preview1
    Ancients and Honorables
    Boston circa 1903.
  • SHORPY-4a09998a.preview
    Boston Art
    Boston, 1906. "Copley Square and Museum of Fine Arts."
  • Boston-slums-1909-Photo-by-Thomas-E.-Marr1
    Boston slums
    Boston slums, 1909 Photo by Thomas E. Marr

Demo With Pictures

  • pexels-photo-59519-large
  • pexels-photo-130111-large
  • pexels-photo-26419-large
  • pexels-photo-30774-large

warningThis add-on requires Aesop Story Engine in order to function properly.

heads upDocumentation for Aesop Events can be found here.

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    • Hi Mahesh! Aesop Events currently does not do this but that’s definitely a great idea that we’ll consider for future updates!

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  • Optimized for Mobile

    Utilizes hardware acceleration and native gesture support for an ultra smooth mobile experience.

  • Multiple Layouts

    Choose a variety of layouts combining a multitude of media from text, to images, videos, and beyond.

  • Time Shift

    Events are staggered according to time with PM events on the top and AM events on the bottom.

  • Date & Time Pickers

    Easily choose date and time with built-in date and time pickers.

Aesop Events