Aesop Lazy Loader

== 2.0.1 ==
* Updated our plugin update system

== 2.0.0 ==
* Introduce a new lazyload system

== 1.1.1 ==
* Improved plugin update system

== 1.1 ==
* Fixed a bug with the way lazy loading was handled

== 1.0 ==
* Initial release

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Speed up your with Aesop Lazy Loader!

Lazy Loading works by only loading the images that are currently in view in the browser. The images that aren’t in view aren’t loaded, until you scroll down. You can dramatically speed up the load time of your Aesop Story Engine powered site just by activating this plugin!

Click the link below for a demonstration on how the Lazy Loading works with images as you scroll down the page.

Lazy Loading Demo


  • works with all Aesop components with images, including background images
  • no options – 100% plug-and-play

Extending the Laziness

If you know how to add a CSS class, then you can lazy load other images outside of Aesop. It’s super easy, just add the class .aesop-lazy-img to any image that you’d like to lazy load.

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  • Plug & Play

    100% plug-and-play with no options to muck around with.

  • Full Aesop Support

    Works with all Aesop Story Engine image based components.

  • CSS Class Activated

    Just add the class of .aesop-lazy-img to any image to activate the laziness.

Aesop Lazy Loader