Aesop Story Highlights

== 1.1.1 ==
* Compatibility with PHP 7

== 1.1 ==
* Compatibility with Aesop Story Engine 1.4

== 1.0.2 ==
* Improved plugin update system

== 1.0.1 ==
* Fixed error with updater

== 1.0 ==
* Initial release

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Aesop Story Highlights adds a “cliff notes” style summary to individual stories, with an easy to use admin interface that let’s you add any type of content as a highlight, and re-arrange them with drag-and-drop.

Note: Aesop Story Engine is required for this add-on.


  • no highlights are shown for stories if you don’t enter them
  • complete styling support for all Aesop themes
  • optional shortcode to display anywhere
  • re-arrange with drag and drop


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  • All Themes Supported

    All Aesop Story Engine themes available in our Library have full support.

  • Shortcode

    Highlights are shown with a shortcode that's placed into the post.

Aesop Story Highlights