== 1.3.13 ==
* Submenu support

== 1.3.11 ==
* Added \"Remove Featured Image Gradient\" Option

== 1.3.11 ==
* Added support for submenus

== 1.3.10 ==
* New customization option to load ASE Collection Component Style

== 1.3.9 ==
* Style fixes to support Gutenberg blocks

== 1.3.8 ==
* Bug fix for pages

== 1.3.7 ==
* Some code fixes, and new options to set subtitles and remove author\'s name sitewide

== 1.3.5 ==
* Style fixes for several popular social share plugins and Aesop Quote component

== 1.3.2 ==
* Updated TGM-Plugin-Activation

== 1.3.1 ==
* Style fix to the post archive page

== 1.3 ==
* \"Search...\" text can be now customized.
* Added language translation template file

== 1.2 ==
* An option to remove the gradient decorations from the featured posts on the home page.

== 1.1 ==
* Significant update to add several more options
* Uses a higher resolution image for the top post on the home page.
* Adds options to change background color, heading color, text color etc
* Lets you remove authors from selected posts and lets you change colors for individual posts (requires CMB2 plugin)

== 1.0 ==
* initial release

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Fable Demo File (A zipped XML file you can import to recreate the Fable demo site with Fable.)

Fable is a hand-crafted storytelling theme for WordPress, with full support for Aesop Story Engine and all of it’s options.

With a unique magazine style story layout, and large cover images, Fable is sure to make any story stand out with style and grace.

Customize Fable with link and accent colors, set your own footer text, or upload your own logo to make Fable your own. And, with optional integration with WP Live Search, searching just got a whole lot easier (and cooler). Take a Live Demo and see for yourself.

Also check out the website from Penn State University for a terrific real life example of Fable.


The Fable front page features a grid of posts with a unique layout, and it automatically sets the last post (or the sticky post) as a super large post on the index page. You can also set any post as a sticky post and that will be the story used as the large story on the home page.

Customization Options

NEW: You can customize colors for background, heading, text for the website and individual posts.
NEW: Option to remove the gradient decorations from the featured posts on the home page.

  Pre-Sales Questions ( 1 )

  1. How do you set an individual post as a “sticky post” ? Was looking in the forums but could not find the answer. Thanks!

  • Live Search Integration

    Fable optionally integrates with the WP Live Search plugin for instant search results as you type.

  • Simple Options

    Change the link and accent color options, change the footer text, and upload a logo to make Fable your own.

  • Bold Typography & Dropcaps

    A beautiful font pairing from Google fonts complete with paragraph lead and dropcap styling.

  • Tablet & Mobile Friendly

    Responsive and adaptable to all mobile and tablet devices from small to large.