== 1.7.0 ==
* Update for obsolete JS codes

== 1.6.9 ==
* Update for \"Load More\"

== 1.6.7 ==
* Gutenberg update

== 1.6.5 ==
* Parallax header now works on mobile
* Style fixes for popular share button plugins

== 1.6.0 ==
* With CMB2 installed, new options to hide masts for individual posts. Also an option to enable featured image/video captions

== 1.5.2 ==
* German translation fixed

== 1.5.1 ==
* Further tweaks for the featured video and mobile.

== 1.5.0 == 9-17-2016
* Added several features including Featured Video and Subtitles
* Fixed some style issues
* Fixed an issue when Chapter Menu and the Site Menu were being used together.

== 1.3.2 ==
* fixed Aesop Universal Theme Hook name
* added Lasso front-end editor compatibility
* fixed bug with Aesop Quote component not displaying properly

== 1.3.1 ==
* fixed bug in iOS with audio component causing loading splash to never be removed

== 1.3 - WARNING ==
* Compatibility with Aesop Story Engine 1.4

Warning! Please make sure you are aware of the changes in this release before you update Jorgen and Aesop!

When you update, everything will be backwards compatible on the front end.

However, due to the metabox library changes, your writers, photographers, and illustrators area, if being utilized, will NOT show the values in the admin in the post (but will however still be there on the front so long as you do not save the post). This is because the values are saved differently. Unfortunately you will need to transfer those names into the admin area and resave the post. Or, if you don\'t plan on updating the posts, then you don\'t have to do anything. Jorgen will detect the version and show the correct values so your site won\'t break.

== 1.2 ==
* redesigned article cover on mobile to improve useability
* compatibility with Sticky Maps feature in Aesop Story Engine 1.3

== 1.1 ==
* all story cover design inputs are now properly santized
* all post data within theme templates now properly escaping

== 1.0.9 ==
* fixed the \"back button white page\" bug in Firefox
* fixed weird chapter menu bug on iOS
* fixed the issue of non-spacing on the bottom of posts with Timeline component
* fixed issues with some Cover Design options not working together with Aesop Story Front
* improved spacing and padding in the fixed bar that appears on the posts page
* removed redundant use of @import which improves performance. The css file is now directly enqueued. The @import used in Jorgen child themes doesn\'t call this main CSS file so there so be no issues with child themes (also tested).

== 1.0.8 ==
* added a search template
* fixed bug with next/previous story links
* fixed a bug with Content component not clearing after a floated Quote component
* updated translation files
* updated Polish translation

== 1.0.7 ==
* fixed bug with width not working properly
* redesigned chapter navigation to accommodate long titles
* WP Side Comments support
* Subtitles support

== 1.0.6 ==
* fixed bug with child themes not working
* added German translation
* added 9 new filters (see owners manual)
* updated owners manual

== 1.0.5 ==
* added a filter (jorgen_written_by) to change Written by text
* made a few minor front-page header styling adjustments
* fixed an issue with the front page grid not picking up the correct image size. You might want to run the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails to generate the correct sizes, then deactivate.
* made some adjustments to the front page grid title when responsive
* now fully ready for translation

== 1.0.4 ==
* added new option to enable front page header
* added new off canvas navigation menu
* added Aesop Universal Theme Hooks
* added support for Aesop Social
* tweaks for responsive on mobile
* fixed issue with odd space in grid list

== 1.0.3 ==
* page pagination style fixes
* collections component styling fixes
* improvements to styling on mobile/tablet

== 1.0.2 ==
* fixed child themes not overriding

== 1.0.1 ==
* various iOS fixes
* fixed block style title width
* fixed ul and ol from escaping content

== 1.0 ==
* Initial release

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Jorgen Demo File (A zipped XML file you can import to recreate the Jorgen demo site with Jorgen.)

NEW! “Featured Video” support for posts!

Check out the demo website.

Say hi to Jorgen!

Jorgen is a near replicate of our original playground demo theme, but with added options like comments and individual story design! If you’ve got a collection of stories to tell, or just want to make an impact with huge cover images, Jorgen is just for you!

  Pre-Sales Questions ( 57 )

  1. Is this a final version of the theme? I’ve noticed styling/usability issues on iPad and iPhone and am wondering if they are going to be addressed. Thanks.

    • Hey Robert! There’s no such thing as final! We noticed some things last minute as well and will be pushing out the first update next week.

        • Just out of curiosity what styling/usability issues did you encounter? On iPhone and Tablet it looks amazing on our end. Perhaps you’re seeing and old cached version?

          • Have just purchased the them and I have found a few different issues on iPhone, iPad and desktop so will make a list when I get chance.

  2. Hi folks love what I see and the storytelling potential. Two Qs:
    – Is the price for the theme for one site only or multiple site use?
    – Can the logo drop down be removed as it’s distracting and blocks reading on scroll?
    Thanks and look forward to future themes.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks! Yes the price is for multiple site use. Re: the logo drop down, I’m not seeing a logo drop down on Jorgen?

  3. Hi,

    – Is it possible to embed content through iframes or embed code? Can I create boxes with featured sizes to display Thinglink, datawrapper, Vimeo or infogr.am contents? If yes, how to?
    – Is there any default shared buttons with Jorgen? Is Aesop Social the only way?

    – Extra question: two colleagues would like to use Engine with their own theme, but they don’t know how to give the full with style to articles. If you can give them an advice, it’d be very useful!

    I do really appreciate your theme, but I need to be sure it’s flexible and it allows creativity with external content.



    • Hi Nicolas!
      You can certainly paste in embed codes from third party services. There isn’t anything in the theme that would prevent these things from showing. Regarding social, yes that’s correct, Aesop Social is the only way to enable social sharing. The themes do not have any of this functionality. The reason for this is simple, we don’t want you to have to set up social again just by switching themes.

      All themes are about to be upgraded to get even deeper Aesop Social support.

      Regarding our approach to width, we have some developer documentation located here. There are also a couple articles linked within there that you may find interesting.

      • Thanks for your quick response! I think I gonna buy this theme 😉

        Last question, which component do I need to use to embed codes from third party services?

        • Hey Nicolas!
          The ASE video component can stream videos from places such as Vimeo, however there isn’t a component for embedding iframes. In that case you’ll just paste the embed into the page.

          Also, the way the width is applied only to content elements, you may find having to center other added elements with some simple CSS. We’ve however made this easier with the next ASE update (1.0.4).

          • Hi,

            I’m trying to purchase Jorgen Theme, but it doesn’t work. I filled the form & ask to create an account. But when I click “purchase” nothing happens. I tried three times. Then I tried to login but my “username doesn’t exist” and I can’t find where to create an account without purchasing an item.

            I need help, thx.


  4. Hi,

    I’m loving the design of the theme. Am just wondering if there is any way of including a header on the landing page. I’d like to keep some branding on the blog, as well as a menu bar at the top, kind of like you have on this page. The demo is great, but only has room for content without branding.

    • Hi Phil!
      This theme doesn’t include a traditional header, however you can certainly add that on your own pretty easily with either a child theme, or a hook.

  5. Hey, i recently bought this theme and I am wondering: how can I create such a lead as you did in the example theme?

    • Hey Lars! That lead class is entered manually using a css class. Just wrap a paragraph tag with a class of “lead”!and you’re set!

  6. Love the theme and the plugin! Is there anyway to create extra white space around the post boxes on the home screen?

  7. I am looking to buy this theme or Genji. I am putting together an education site for youth with world folktales. Is there a way to display categories on the homepage, instead of stories?
    I am starting with 25 stories working up to over 100, and would like a category system for the users to use.

    • Hi Kum!
      Yes that feature is built into Aesop Story Engine, its called the Collections Component. You can either display the categories (Splash Mode) or posts within a category(collection).

      I hope this helps!

  8. Hi, I have started using the theme, it’s great overall but I discovered two problems with the theme. I realized that I am unable to put 2 collections component on the same page, it will not display correctly. The second problem is that in the pages setup I am unable to change the background colour and font colour of a specific story. Even if I have set it to be a different colour, the blackground will still be white and the text will be black. Any advices? Thank you!

    • Hi Xavier!
      This area is for pre-sales questions. We’d be happy to assist you in the support forum for Jorgen here. I can say that the collections being able to be used twice has been fixed and will be out with Aesop Story Engine 1.0.9 in a few days.

    • Hi Patrick! We don’t have an option in place for that no, however there is another alternative to CSS. You can include HTML in your post titles so instead of having a title of White Lake moves beyond its toxic past you can use a post title like
      img src="http://www.detroitnews.com/images/tdn_logo_300x43.png" />White Lake moves beyond its toxic past (Note: add a beginning < before the img - it doesn't like me using HTML here lol) You could add inline styling to this as well. Another option is to use an Aesop hook to include the image. Doing so, you can add styling, etc, up front and it will appear on all pages. The hook that should work for the post titles is ase_theme_header_before. More information is available on this at https://aesopstoryengine.com/developers/ and https://aesopstoryengine.com/tutorials/using-aesop-filters/.

      Regarding adding the image to the grid title, I can’t think of another way around that other than CSS – sorry!

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  9. I have a dynamic book with chapters, video, and images and would like to display it in chronological order. Is this possible with Jorgen? Thank you! I fully appreciate the work you’ve put into this project and would like to use it, if possible.

    • Hi Janet! You can definitely display “chapters” with our themes, however those chapters all fall on the same page. You could use something like Jorgen or Novella, and each “post” could be a chapter. Hope this helps!


  10. I love what this component can do, but no matter what I do I can not make it work with my graph press theme. I have tried using your demo theme on the github page with a multiple theme plugin and all I get is a blank page.
    I have tried added the add theme support with no luck.
    Are the built themes ready to go out of the box? I would like to keep my graph press theme, but I guess I am not smart enough to make this plug in work.
    Thanks, sarah phipps

    • Hi Sarah! Sorry to hear that you’re having troubles getting Aesop to work within Graph Press theme, I’ll make a note to take a look at this.. Regarding your question about our themes, yes! They’re all ready to go right out of the box. There’s virtually nothing to setup. Feel free to take a theme for a test drive with your own personal live demo to get a feel for how they work.

      Hope this helps!


      • Hey Nick,
        Thanks for the reply. I didn’t even notice live demo launch in the corner. Now I kinda of get what I am doing, not with graph press, but with the demo theme page you have on github. I don’t feel so stupid now. 🙂
        The sandbox demo is a great way to understand your product, that is how visually people learn!

  11. Hi Nick,
    I would like this theme as a page for what I have already developed. In other words, if you look at my site, thelovestory.org, I would like the theme to be in one of the “Magazine” sections if that’s possible, instead of an overall theme (would that be called a childtheme?).



    • You might look into a WordPress plugin that lets you run a theme on a specific page of your site. This might help.

  12. Hi, question about the Jorgen theme: is the theme complete, I mean with the add-ons, or do I have to buy all the add-ons apart? Thanks for your reply. Best regards, Pluck

    • Hey Pluck, yes the theme is complete and works out of the box. If you’d like to add additional things that that theme does not do out of the box, this is where our add0ons will come into play

  13. So to use the add-ons story highlights, story front, events, gallery pop, and social I have to pay another 130 USD?

    • You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. They are not required in order to make the theme work. They are add-ons.

  14. Hi Guys, Just a couple of questions before I proceed to check out.
    1. Can I reduce the size of the font in headline and can I change the font in heading and the paragraph font.
    I didn’t understand the WARNING message. I need a novice instructions ie DO this & DONT do that or I will screw up. Also Ive been following dannybrown.com and the search tab at the top of the side bar is so dark you barely see it can that be adjusted?
    Is there a way to make the make the tags or categories more prominent?
    Just one more question. Ive just started using Novella and if I buy the extra plug ins will they work on both themes and is there anyone that I can use as a VA to help with Aesop skills to set things up for me?

  15. Hi. Great theme. Does using the social share add-on with this theme allow you to embed some sort of “share” functionality at any point in the article. Share on Twitter, etc. If not, can that be done?

  16. I have 2 more questions. 1. Can people comment at the end of articles? 2. Can you use other WP plugins with the theme?

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