== 1.1.2 ==
* Style fixes to support Gutenberg blocks

== 1.1.1 ==
* Style fix for sticky maps.
* Style fix for several popular social share plugins as well as Woocommerce and Twitter

== 1.1 ==
* added style compatibility for upcoming Aesop addons
* fixed the lack of spacing on grid posts on front page
* added style compatibility for Timeline component
* fixed \"Next Post\" author missing
* added responsive styles for Collection component
* removed the registration of the sidebar since we dont use widgets in this theme
* misc style tweaks

== 1.0 ==
* initial release

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Kerouac Demo File (A zipped XML file you can import to recreate the Kerouac demo site with Kerouac.)

Allow us to introduce Kerouac, the first official theme from the Aesop Designer Series collection. We’ve partnered with Creativity Included to bring you this beautifully designed Aesop Story Engine theme with design support for all thirteen Aesop Story Engine components.

Kerouac features multiple color controls, allowing you to change the background, text, link, and accent colors. And, with an optimized mobile for layout, your beautifully written stories will look great across all mobile devices.

  Pre-Sales Questions ( 30 )

  1. Hi,
    very interesting theme. Some questions:
    1) menu: is it possible to edit the menu at the top of the homepage as a usual WP menu? E.g. using the menu button to link a category or a single content?
    2) as for the content “boxes” in home page, is it possible to use them to link a category rather than a post?
    In particular: my need is to create a home page showing different collections of stories. Once you click on the box, the link opens a new page with all the stories (posts) included in that collection (category or page).

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    thank you,


    • Hi Pietro!
      1. Yes this uses the WordPress menu system so it can definitely be changed.
      2. That’s actually a feature that is part of Aesop Story Engine, called the Collections Component, and that’s exactly what that does. You can put the component on a page and it will link to either the categories of the site (splash mode), or, list posts/stories from a specific category.

      Our themes simply make the existing features of Aesop Story Engine look awesome!

      I hope this helps!


    • Hi James! Readers can definitely comment on articles. Kerouac uses the built in WP Commenting system, so if Discourse takes over that, then yes it should work.

  2. Hi there,
    Is it possible to have a multilingual plugin like qtranslate work with this theme. I’m looking for a theme that plays nice with qtranslate.

    • Hi Gabriel!
      I can’t say for sure if it will work with qtranslate, but what I do know is that Kerouac has a translation file and is ready to be translated.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi,

    If I link a specific word, can the content show as a lightbox rather than a navigate me to a new page or tab? Also, can the content be text and multi media?

  4. Hi, I’d like to be able to add maps with routes overlaid. It looks like I can only add points through latitude and longitude values. Is there a way to link to a map with a route layer (either a Google Map with line drawn on, or a Mapbox map with a kml file added as a layer? And can I link to multiple mapbox projects or just the default map customised with a starting point for each post? Thanks.

  5. I have a client that would like to use this theme (or another Aesop theme) for telling stories using data visualizations built in d3 and displayed through d3.js. Will one of your components support this kind of content?

  6. Hi, is there any reason this theme wouldn’t be compatible with Google Adsense?

    Also, how easy is it to change fonts?

  7. Hello,
    Can the site-logo (Kerouac on blue) and menu banner (menu titles on red) be replaced with a single picture or illustration?
    If not, what about two separate pictures/illustrations?

  8. Hi! I’m trying to figure out which theme to buy and am noticing the Kerouac theme demo isn’t showing the grid-style gallery, maps or gallery or stacked parallax-style gallery. Any ideas? thanks!

  9. Hi:

    I was playing with the demo. Can I add my own HTML. For example, can I add code like this:

    It kept erasing it. I can do this in a normal wordpress theme.

  10. I just checked it again. It’s not different than an embed YouTube code. Like this:

    I put it in the text edit and as soon as I hit update it strips it out. I even put the beginning and ending code command and put it between those and as soon as I hit update it strips it out.

    So yes, I know I can put YouTube videos and put them in with a component, but can I just put generic embed code (like the timeline code or youtube code) in there without using a component. I just want to embed a timeline (or whatever) in the text of the story. It's so I can display something that is not offered in the components. Like this timeline code:

    Normal wordpress themes can do this. Sometimes demos don't allow you to do certain things. So how would I put that basic embed code in?

    Very EXCITED about my journalism class using this theme for a class project, but need the basic ability of adding a few other things. Thanks for looking into this more.

  11. Hi,

    I’m very interested in using this theme to power part of my blog. I wish to use Elementor page builder too… can you tell me if this theme will work with Elementor, and if I will be able to create some pages using this theme, and others using Elementor? Do you have any resources that could point me in the right direction on the best way to do this?

    • Hi Greg, I am not familiar with Elementor page builder. (I can do some research) But in general I don’t see why you can’t use a page builder with this theme. If necessary, there is a plugin that lets you use different themes for different parts of your website. (It’s called Multiple Themes plugin.) That’s what you can use if needed but most likely you won’t need to. Feel free to write me with any question.

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