== 1.13.0== release 10.22.22

== 1.12.4== release 3.7.21

*PHP code and image class fix

== 1.12.3== release 2.12.21

*Header menu fix

== 1.12.2== release 2.4.21

*JQuery code update

== 1.12.1== release 1.4.21

*Image component update for lightbox

== 1.12.0== release 7.7.20
*Improved image component handling.

== 1.11.4== release 6.30.20
*A fix for a bug in mobile mast handling

== 1.11.3== release 6.28.20
*A fix for the Collection Component

*New: Post option to prevent the Story Accent Color from overriding the component colors.

== 1.11.1== release 1.24.20
*A bug fix for subtitle

== 1.11.0== release 1.15.20
*A bug fix for the parallax index mast and the featured video.
*More options for the featured video. Now you can disable video looping and optionally have it fade back to the feartured image.

== 1.10.6== release 6.16.19
*Style fix for Document component

== 1.10.5== release 5.23.19
*German Translation Added
*Accent color fix for Quote

== 1.10.4== release 3.30.19
*Fix for image component default alignment

== 1.10.3== release 1.29.19
*Fix for chapter overlay.

== 1.10.2== release 1.23.19
*Fix for older PHP versions.

== 1.10.1== release 12.3.18
* Major update with bug fixes
* WPezTheme codes to optimize the theme.
* Gutenberg style supports

== 1.9.14== release 11.3.18
* Javascript update for newest JQuery versions

== 1.9.12== release 8.31.18
* NEW option to vertically center the mast featured image

== 1.9.12== release 8.16.18
* Fixed a bug with the scrolling menu
* Fixed a bug with ASE 1.10.0

== 1.9.11== release 7.12.18
* NEW option to load bootstrap.js
* Fixed a Javascript bug involving href

== 1.9.9== release 4.23.18
* Fixed a bug with the Panorama feature with ASE

== 1.9.8== release 3.19.18
* Fixed a bug with the Content Component
* Preparation for the next release of Aesop

== 1.9.6== release 1.23.18
* Support for Dots Chapter navigation

== 1.9.6== release 1.23.18
* Support for Dots Chapter navigation

== 1.9.5== release 1.16.18
* A chapter bug fix

== 1.9.4== release 1.8.18
* A fix for some PHP versions
* Improvement for the index page options.

== 1.9.3== release 12.28.17
* New index page options now support featured video

== 1.9.1== release 12.14.17
* New index page options to set the mast for the home index page.

== 1.8.9== release 12.7.17
* Fixed a bug in the header code

== 1.8.7== release 12.3.17
* Added the post and site-wide option to set the mast full screen
* Rearranged the options page

== 1.8.5== release 11.14.17
* Fixed a couple of bugs for featured video
* Further style fixes for mobile.

== 1.8.4== release 10.9.17
* Added an option to turn on the audio for featured video (available in the edit post page with the CMB2 plugin installed.)

== 1.8.3== release 9.21.17
* Bug fixes for  the menu

== 1.8.0== release 9.17.17
* The parallax feature now works on mobile.
* Added support for Woocommerce
* Better support for twitters and social plugins. The following plugins are supported out of box:
- Simple Social Button Adder
- AddToAny Share Buttons
- MashShare
- ShareDaddy
- Sassy Sociall Sahre

== 1.7.3== release 7.22.17
* New option to turn mast to full screen for mobile

== 1.7.2== release 7.6.17
* Update to work with Aesop Story Engine 1.9.8

== 1.7.1== release 6.8.17
* Reveal animation option added for the index page

== 1.6.6== release 5.22.17
* The mast customization options have been added to pages

== 1.6.5== release 5.8.17
* More options to customize the look of the mast

== 1.6.2== release 4.18.17
* Style fixes for Aesop overlay contents
* Further fixes to support Aesop Character Carousel
* Added generic classes to article and post elements

== 1.6.1== release 3.26.17
* Fix for Aesop Character Carousel
* Fix for Aesop Image Component overlay content
* New option: Allow iframe in posts to break out full width.

== 1.5.9== release 3.12.17
* Allow background for the Content Component
* Allow height parameter for Parallax Component

== 1.5.7== release 11.5.16
* A search icon fix for mobile
* A new option to show the excerpts of posts.

== 1.5.6== release 11.1.16
* A fix for mobile

== 1.5.5== release 10.31.16
* Support for overlay texts for Aesop components

== 1.5.4== release 10.23.16
* Added Search Icon option for the header (Can be added from the Customize menu)
* The index page can now display multiple categories for each post
* Character component style fix.

== 1.5.2== release 9.26.16
* Changes needed to accomodate the new features in ASE 1.9.0
* Novella now allows Aesop Image Component to accept width parameter in pixels

== 1.5.0.== release 9.12.16

* Alternate option for \"Featured Video\"
* Automatic mime type for \"Featured Video\"
* Submenu and Subtitle support added.

== 1.4.2.== release 8.17.16
* \"Reading Time\" option added
* \"Featured Video\" fade-in added

== 1.4.1.== release 8.5.16
* \"Featured Video\" security improved

== 1.4.0.== release 7.17.16
* \"Featured Video\" has been added to the Edit Post page.

== 1.3.9.== release 7.5.16
* javascript fix

== 1.3.8.== release 7.3.16
* fixed a bug with the header menu on mobile devices
* enabled the parallax featured image on pages
* previously, the maximum featured image width was restricted to 1200px. This limit is increased to 2048px for non-mobile devices.
* changed the behavior of the featured image on mobile devices.

== 1.3.7.== release 6.12.16
* fixed a bug with the Aesop Chapter components
* fixed a bug when using the right alignment for Aesop Pull Quotes using narrow (mobile) screens

== 1.3.6 == released 5.15.16
* fixed a menu bug for small screens

== 1.3.5 == released 4.9.16
* fixed some navigation offset errors
* Italian language files added, thanks to Alessandro

== 1.3.3 == released 3.1.16
* added post date display option

== 1.3.2 == released 1.16.15
* fixed Aesop Video and Video Chapter components visibility issues
* fixed the ase hook declaration

== 1.3.1 == released 6.7.15
* fixed pull quote color
* fixed bug with chapter toggle not displaying

== 1.3 == released 4.26.15
* fixed story progress sometimes not calculating properly
* responsive refinements to pages on mobile and tablet
* fixed bug with chapter toggle button appearing

== 1.2.2 = released 4.4.15
* fixed CSS issues with document component
* fixed CSS issues with Lasso

== 1.2.1 = released 3.1.15
* Fixed issue with height in Parallax component from ASE 1.5 update
* Pull quote compatibility with ASE 1.5
* Styling support for Jetpack Contact Form and Gravity Forms

== 1.2 == released 2.7.15
* Fixed issue with video widths if self-hosted not being centered
* Changed the media query breakpoint to 768px and fixed the menu overlay so that it scrolls if large number of items.

== 1.1 == released 12.13.2014
WARNING! This update includes support for Aesop Story Engine 1.4 being released on Wednesday 12.17.2014. This update to Aesop removes the metabox library that we use to create the story options in the posts here in Novella. So, you\'ll be instructed to install a plugin called CMB2. However, you don\'t have to install this until after you update Aesop Story Engine to 1.4.

We\'ve made sure that everything should be backwards compatible, so please let us know if you have any issues, bugs, or queries!

* added support for Sticky Maps feature in Aesop 1.3
* added support for Timeline component
* better vertical image support with caption alignment
* pingback style fixes
* fixed the Stacked Gallery images sometimes not showing in Chrome
* fixed the weird cropping issue with Thumbnail Gallery
* fixed the translation strings for the Load more Stories
* updated translatable strings

== 1.0.7 == released 10.15.2014
* added styling support for Aesop Gallery Pop and Aesop Events
* removed the background option for content component since Novella doesn\'t utilize this
* removed the un-necessary @import call which reduces load time _this should not affect child themes as child themes are enqueueing the proper css file

== 1.0.6 == released 09.30.2014
* fixed chapter component bug

== 1.0.5 == released 09.18.2014
* fixed translation strings not being able to properly translate
* updates all translation strings
* improvements to single post parallax feature
* fixed issues with parallax in Firefox
* added specific theme hook novella_inside_header_top
* added styling for upcoming Aesop Events addon
* all settings in customizer update in real time
* added custom logo option
* fixed grid gallery captions with Aesop 1.1
* fixed certain captions not reflecting accent color
* fixed issue with showing posts on posts page
* options that aren\'t available to Novella within Aesop have been removed to reduce confusion

== 1.0.4 == released 09.05.2014
* Added by popular request, an option to enable a \"parallax like effect\" for single posts that have a featured image set. Enable within Customizer. Owners Manual also updated.
* Fixed bug with categories throwing an error if there were no categories

== 1.0.3 == released 08.29.2014
* Added collections component styling
* Added support for Aesop Social
* Fixed previous and next author
* Fixed broken translations and updated translation files
* Fixed super large vertical images in Image component
* Fixed blurry Stacked Gallery images on iOS

== 1.0.2 ==
* Fixed bug with Chapter modal not closing

== 1.0.1 ==
* Fixed weird stacking issue with menu in Windows on PC
* Fixed anchor links breaking on mobile
* Better i18n support

== 1.0 ==
* Initial Release

compare themes

NEW! Home Index page mast options.

NEW! “Featured Video” support for posts and pages. Look at the example featured video page.

Novella Demo File (A zipped XML file you can import to recreate the Novella demo site with Novella.)

Write to us if you have any questions.

wordpress theme writers

wordpress theme writers

Novella is a breathtakingly gorgeous storytelling theme for WordPress, with full support for Aesop Story Engine. Novella will make your stories look amazing with its crisp typography, coordinating colors, and precision details.

Customize Novella with a couple of default colors to match the look that you’re going for. And, with individual story accent colors, each story can have a life all it’s own. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

  • Link Color (you can also customize this for each story!)
  • Accent Color (this can be customized for each story too!)
  • Footer Text
  • Parallax Featured Image
  • NEW! Featured Video
  • NEW! Subtitles, Submenus, and Time to Read
  • NEW! Search Icon: You can add the search icon to the menu bar by enabling it from the Novella options menu.
  • NEW! Reveal Animation: You can add the reveal animation to the index page by enabling it from the Novella options menu.

Writers and authors will appreciate Novella’s ability to sell your stories with built-in support for Restrict Content Pro.

The Novella front page features a stacked grid where you can use a background image (or color) for each story. One of the coolest features is the animation effect displayed at the top of each story that progresses as the reader scrolls down the page. Take a test drive to see it in action!


New! Options to set Mast for the Home Index Page

You can use the top post as the mast for the home page. Or you can use custom settings.

New option to enable reveal animation effects for the front page and archives.
New options to design the look of the mast.

You can change the tint color of the featured image, enable caption overlay, change the width/height ratio of the mast, or remove the mast altogether. You can use the default width/height ratio or 16:9 or full screen size.


Mast Design Options


Change the width/height ratio of the mast.


Change the tint color of the featured image by changing the "Accent Color."


Enable the featured image caption


  Pre-Sales Questions ( 51 )

  1. Hello, I’m very interested by your new theme Novella. However, I have some questions to ask you.

    – I’m testing your “Drive test” and I can’t find how to create more than one collection? In the menu settings, I can’t find any page, category or post name named “collection”. So I don’t get where to add other collections in the menu?

    – Is there an easy way to change fonts and design option? Or will it be possible to use CSS to modify the font family? Like using google fonts for example?

    – I speak french and all the texts will obviously be written in French. Is there any .po and .mo available to change the langage of the site?

    – Is there any contact form?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sophie!
      1. The collection component is part of Aesop Story Engine. A “collection” is a category, and the “collection id” is simply the category ID. You add a collection by using Aesop Story Engine within a single post.
      2. Novella includes two options to change the link and accent colors. Fonts and things can be changed easily with 3rd party plugins.
      3. Yes! This next update has .mo and .po files for translation.
      4. Nope! But that’s something that can be handled by a third party plugin pretty easily!

      Hope this helps!

      • Hello Nick, thanks a lot for your answers. My client loves the theme but I still have some questions to ask though (sorry….)

        1) Do you provide any child theme?
        2) How large the images must be?
        3) I’m sorry but I don’t understand the collection options. I tried to create a collection in a single post with 5 columns. But when I click on the post, the related posts are displayed in one single column and they stick to the left of the screen (without margin and without photos…). Did I miss something?
        4) About the images, you said we can pick a color instead of an image. But I don’t see any option to change the image to a color…?
        5) Is it possible to have a homepage in which the content of a page is directly displayed and not only the excerpt? For example the content of the about page…
        6) And last one I promise…. I changed the color options in the novella customization panel but the “load more stories” hover state stays in the original grey-blue color and so are the “post your comment” buttons. Is there a way to change that or will I have to add css classes ?

        Thank you a lot in advance (and sorry about these numerous questions 😉 !!!

        • Hi Sophie!
          1. No we do not but the owners manual covers how to create one.
          2. It depends on where you are using them.
          3. Did you provide the collection ID? happy to help further in the Aesop support forum.
          4. You can pick an accent color for each post, but there are no options to change the image colors.
          5. You can easily do this with a child theme but Novella doesn’t do this by default
          6. This may be a bug and we can definitely look into it.

          Hope this helps!

    • Hey Chris!
      While there aren’t any built in options for that, you could definitely achieve that with some custom CSS to put them into a grid.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! I was searching for long-read theme and Novella is a perfect choice. But I wonder whether it supports basic WordPress features like search, tags, category archives? It wasn’t clear from the live demo and sandbox.

    • Hi Yury!
      Yep Novella adheres to WordPress best standards for themes so it definitely supports category archives. There isn’t a search anywhere in the design but is super easy to add. Also, each post has a category above, which, when clicked, will show those categories.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Very beautiful themes with a StoryTelling magic to them – just what I needed right now – but didn´t know before I saw this…
    I surely going to buy – but have some questions regarding the Novelle theme:

    1. Could one set a full width parallax image with caption wherever one wants in this theme..?
    (like in Kerouac)
    2. Could on set full width images with a caption that follows one another?
    (like at the bottom of the Kerouac-theme – very nice…;)
    3. Could one put a animated text on a full width color or image bottom?
    (like in Jorgen – Such a beautiful space! )
    4. In Novella – could one start with a background image (or parallax) full width image instead of a fixed image?
    (like in Jorgen)
    5. Is the themes W3c validated and good on SEO?

    Best wishes!


    • Hey Mike!
      1. Yes!
      2. Yes!
      3. Yes!
      4. With Novella the top of each post is a fixed image that is responsive across all devices.
      5. It absolutely is! Feel free to run it though the validator to see. Regarding SEO, there are a lot of plugins out there than can take care of this part.

      Hope this helps!!

      • Thanks Nick!
        Everything is clear!
        Suggestion: If one could do a parallax instead of a fixed image at the top – the Novella theme would have it all…?
        There´s a certain magic to start off with the parallax instead if to scroll a page. See what I mean..?
        It would be very nice if one could have that option in a future update of the theme.

        Last Q: Could you help custom the theme in this fashion mentioned above…?

        Best wishes!

        Segement a story into sections so readers can”
        (spelling error on the front page)

  4. Re-Hello, I was ready to buy your theme but I just want to be sure about the licence.
    You say in your refunds policy: A valid license is required for updates and support. So it means that after one year, I would need a new license key to have updates and support, but we agree that the licence of the theme itself will still be available next year, after the first year of using it? I mean, I won’t have to pay again to use the theme itself next year?


    • Hi Sophie! Yes that is correct Themes and add-ons receive one year of support and updates, after which time you can renew your license for 30% off. Your theme/add-on will continue to work indefinitely.


      • Hello Nick,

        is it 30% (?) or 50% (according to your refunds policy) of the original cost of the product?

  5. Hi!
    – Would it be possible to remove the menu header with the progression effect completely from the theme? I’m guessing some coding might be needed?

    – Is there any way of making the top image of a story parallax instead of fixed like in the Jorgen theme?


    • Hey Elias!
      Sure with some custom CSS you could apply a display:none to that if you’d like. Regarding the top being parallax, we’ve had this request before and may end up updating the theme with an option to enable parallax movement on the header image.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks Nick for the quick answer!
        Just like some previous people have mentioned this really would be the perfect theme (for me at least) if you would update it with support for parallax top images. I guess you wouldn’t have a timeframe for a possible update would you?

        I’d say right now if you would get this updated I will pledge to buy the theme.


  6. Hi Nick. I’m interested in Novella, but I want to re confirm some things before.

    1.- Does this template allow embedding video (Vimeo, YouTube) anywhere with HTML code? What about adding a SoundCloud archive?
    2.- Is there any restriction with the extension of text in a post?
    3.- Can we embed interactive infographics? I see in another theme you made (http://blogs.detroitnews.com/specialreports/2014/06/25/white-lake-moves-beyond-toxic-past/) that it is possible to embed interactive maps and timelines with HTML code.

    • Hey William!
      Yes to everything! Our themes follow standard protocol for WordPress themes so you can definitely embed anything you like!

      Hope this helps!

      P.S – We have a really cool timeline add-on coming out soon that looks very similar to that!

    • Hi! We have quite a few German users and international clients. Simply provide a State or Province within the Billing Address. We do not offer Paypal as a payment solution at this time. Are you seeing any specific errors?

  7. Hi,
    I have the same question with Schoenbach. May I buy this theme through paypal? My credit card doesn’t support for international transaction. Thanks.

    • Hi Portal,
      We do not support PayPal at this time. Our system can handle international payments as we have many international users. Choose any State on checkout and you shouldn’t have any issues.

      • Thanks for your kindly answer Nick. Here I have 2 more questions. 1. Is it possible to install novella on multiple domains? And 2, how do we protect the source code since, you know, the heart of the story is content? When someone could access the source code, they can copy the story, right?

        • Yes you can use Novella on multiple domains. To answer your second question, there’s no way that exists that I know of that would prevent someone from stealing your copy. That’s just something we have to deal with when sharing information on the internet. This would be the same with any WordPress theme that you purchase.

  8. Hi!! Is the home page “customizable”?? I mean, can I set the home page to be a “page” or a especific “single post”??

  9. Hey,
    i would like to buy the theme but i have one question.
    it might refer to ignacio’s but for me it is not clear.

    Is it possible to have a static post on the front page (like an announcement what the blog is about) – and then when one scrolls the latest post shown in their typical desgin (with a background image etc.)

    Thank you for an answer! best Jannik

    • Hey Jannik,
      You can have a static page and then a different page set for your blog posts as displayed in the customizer settings.

      However, You can only do what you are asking about with Jorgen and Jorgen Story Front. Otherwise, that type of design is not available out of the box with Novella as we like to keep our themes focused, clean, and lightweight.


  10. Is there a way to change the Novella home page to a grid, rather than stacked? I like the way that the home pages in Jorgen and Kerouac have grids, but like the way that Novella displays stories. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the delay in this reply! You can likely do this with the Collection Grid in Aesop/!

  11. Hi Nick,
    I’m interested in only using AESOP for 3-4 specific “posts” a year on my current website. From what I can tell, AESOP seems to be an all or nothing look for a website. In order to maintain my current website structure / theme / look and feel….. Would you suggest using AESOP on a subdomain? With it’s own WP install and AESOP theme?

  12. Hi! Just bought Novella and can’t wait to get started! Had a question. How do you enable the first letter to be larger than the rest at the beginning of paragraphs? Love that feature 🙂

  13. Hi guys, just before buying this theme, I would love the ability to export the ‘posts / books’ as epubs / pdfs, is this possible, or do you know a plugin that will work for it?

  14. Hi Guys,
    I want to enable my users to post stories with photos on my site. Can you tell me if this possible? Is this someone that your plugin Lasso can do? I found two plugin that can do it (Frontend Publishing Plugin and Frontier Post) – But are those compatible with Novella? Thank you!
    Regards Theis

    • Hey Theis! I think we were able to resolve this via email. Let us know if you need anything else.

  • Focus on Typography

    With Novella the focus is on typography, making your writings stand out above the rest.

  • Story Progress

    Designed with longform in mind, Novella features a subtle progress bar denoting the length of each story.

  • Sell your stories

    Full compatibility for Restrict Content Pro. Sell your stories on your on site, even subscriptions.

  • Refined for mobile

    Novella was built from the ground up to be compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.