Install Aesop Story Engine

Head to the plugins tab within your WordPress administration area. Click on "add new". Once here, search for Aesop Story Engine, and press "search." Install Aesop Story Engine, and you're set! Hint: you can also install through FTP if you know that that is.


Build your Story

Classic Editor

If you have Classic Editor enabled, go to any post, and locate the "Add Component" button. It sits right above the post editor. Once you toggle this, you'll be able to select the component, adjust any options, and insert it anywhere within your story. Galleries are managed with the "Galleries" tab within WordPress.


Gutenberg Editor

If you are using Gutenberg Editor, locate the Add Block Button. When you scroll down the list of the blocks available, you will see Aesop Story Engine group that contains Aesop blocks. Galleries are managed with the "Galleries" tab within WordPress.


Check out Resources

Search through our WordPress themes for Aesop to get started with a site quickly, or browse our available add-ons which enhance our themes and the Aesop Story Engine.

You can also read our documentation for the Aesop Story Engine, and if you're a developer looking to build themes or add-ons for Aesop Story Engine, we've built a place just for you.