On Monday, May 12th, Aesop Story Engine 1.0.5 was shipped. This update includes a few new filters and options that we think are pretty awesome!

[aesop_image img=”http://aesopstoryengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/map-marker-html.png” imgwidth=”100%” caption=”Map markers can now do HTML.” alt=”ase 1.0.5″ align=”center” captionposition=”center” lightbox=”off”]

After a few requests, we’ve expanded the map markers to accept HTML. Instead of having only plain text inside the markers, you can now add images and links! In addition to the HTML capability, we’ve also added a new filter ( aesop_map_meta_location ) to let developers decide where the map meta UI will appear in the WordPress admin.

More Auto-play Media Controls

In the last two ASE releases we updated the Audio and Video components with a new viewstart=”on” feature which causes the audio and video player to automatically play when you scroll to it. By default, they would keep playing as you scrolled out of view. Some folks like this, and some folks expressed wanting control over this, so we built it for you!

In 1.0.5 we added a new option called viewend=”on” to both the audio and video components. With this option set to “on” the audio and video will stop playing as you scroll out of view. When you use viewstart=”on” and viewend=”on” simultaneously, the media will play as you scroll into view, then stop as you scroll out of view. How neat is that!?

More Filters

We added new filters to adjust the scroll container class for the Chapter and Timeline components. Previously, the post container would need to have a specific class for the chapter and timeline components to work. We’ve changed this to allow you to filter the class name, effectively making it work with ANY WordPress theme!

Action Name Change

We changed the name of the action used to insert the Timeline component from aesop_inside_body_top to ase_theme_body_inside_top. We know we know… we’re sorry! However, it was important that the action name be consistent with our 12 Universal Aesop Theme Hooks. Our documentation has been updated to reflect this, and a deprecation notice will be visible to developers.

Get the new update automatically within your WordPress admin and checkout the ASE changelog for a complete list of changes. Happy storytelling!

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