On Tuesday we released Aesop Story Engine 1.0.6. This was mostly a bug fix release, but there are a few new items of importance. As always, our documentation was updated prior to this release, so can always ensure that our documentation is ahead (not behind) of current releases.

Bug Fixes

Lots of bug fixes in this release, including a bug that was causing issues on BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. We’ve tested with the built-in emulators in Chrome console, so if you happen to run across anymore, just let us know! We also put in some better checks for the gallery and timeline components so they just don’t run all willy nilly.

Missing Options

We previously updated the Audio and Video components with new viewstart and viewend features. We however forgot to populate the generator with those options. This update fills in those missing options.

New Functions

Developers will love the addition of a new function that can be used to check for the existence of any Aesop component in a post. This is very similar to using has_shortcode, we’ve just made a function that makes writing it out easier.

[code language=”php”]

Metabox Library Update

We’ve updated the metabox library that we’re using. Subsequently, this also seems to have fixed an incompatibility with Dynamik by Genesis.

Get the new update automatically within WordPress, and checkout the changelog here for the full lists of changes. Happy storytelling!

Download Aesop Story Engineand start telling stories with wordpress


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