Happy Friday! We just shipped out an update to Aesop Story Engine, bringing it to 1.0.7. Here are a few cool things about this release.


The Content Component has been updated with a couple new features. First, you can now specify the position of the text. By default, nothing happens, which means it’s a seamless upgrade. However, if you specify an “innerposition,” the text will be floated and positioned wherever you place it.

So for example, if you wanted to have a 300px width block of text in the upper right, then you’d specify textwidth=”300px” and innerposition=”20px, 20px, auto, auto”. This means the text is 20px from the top, 20px from the right, and automatically positioned from the bottom, and left. So much power with this new feature!

In addition, we’ve added the ability for you to have a floating element that can move in a parallax fashion. This is just like the floater element available on the Parallax Component, and will provide Story Designers the ability to create multiple levels of interaction within stories.

Audio and Video Component Updates

The Audio Component has been updated with two new options; the ability to make it invisible, and the ability to loop the audio. Making it invisible is great for when you’d like to start some audio when you scroll to a certain point, but don’t necessarily want the audio player to be visible.

For the Video Component, we’ve added support for Wistia, a very popular video hosting platform for business’.

Serbian Translation

Aesop Story Engine is now available in Serbian thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic. Are you interested in translating Aesop Story Engine? We’ll give you a credit towards a complimentary theme here in The Library. Leave a comment below, or connect with us on Twitter @aesopinteractiv

Get the new update automatically within your WordPress admin and checkout the ASE changelog for a complete list of changes. Happy storytelling!

Download Aesop Story Engineand start telling stories with wordpress


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