Yesterday we released Aesop Story Engine 1.2 which contains a few helpful usability enhancements and fixes.

Gallery Creation Process

[aesop_image img=”” imgwidth=”900px” caption=”Stripped-down gallery modal.” align=”center” captionposition=”center” lightbox=”off”]

The gallery settings modal included WordPress core options so we cleaned up the gallery creation process by removing those core options that Aesop doesn’t use, along with only running our modifications on Aesop Galleries.

A Few Bug Fixes

  • Width on videos now remains responsive
  • Undefined variable in thumbnail gallery has been ousted
  • Gallery images respect sizes
  • Placeholders no longer overlap when updating a component that’s next to another component – #138 on GitHub

Added Filters

  • New action aesop_gallery_type so 3rd party components can add new gallery types
  • New filter aesop_generator_loads_on which accepts an array of admin pages to load the generator

Get the Aesop 1.2 update automatically within your WordPress admin and checkout the ASE changelog for a complete list of changes. Happy storytelling!


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