In Aesop Story Engine 1.4, the entire gallery experience has been rebuilt from the ground up, and we think you’ll love the result.

I’ll be honest, the galleries in Aesop Story Engine have been a thorn in my side since it’s inception, and has long been one of the areas that we wanted to improve. Well with 1.4 we did just that; we re-designed the area where you create and manage your galleries.

[aesop_video vidwidth=”1280″ width=”content” vidheight=”720″ src=”youtube” id=”YleTbFW8nO8″ caption=”Creating galleries has never been so easy.”]

Instead of creating a WordPress gallery and inserting the gallery, now you just add images. That’s it. No confusion. No tomfoolery. Add images, select a layout, and set any available options. It’s just that simple.

Full Chapter Compatibility

Up until 1.4, the Chapter component was left up to themes to implement. While this has it’s advantages, we wanted to make it more accessible by having it work right out of the box. So in 1.4, there’s a slideout menu that will hold all of the Chapter titles in your story. Clicking the tag icon will open the slideout. Clicking a title still scrolls to that chapter, and the menu will conveniently slide out after clicking. The new Chapter component works with all WordPress themes (with the extended CSS support code snippet).

Backwards Compatibility

As always, backwards compatibility is important to us, so when you install this update, you’ll be asked to run a one-time upgrade process that will convert your galleries into the new method. None of your data should be lost, and all settings should be retained. But, that’s why we’re calling this a beta, and we want you to test.

We’ve run the upgrade process a few times here enough to feel that it works properly, but we’d love for you to test it out!

You can download the beta here and report any bugs you may find here. You can also find the changelog to 1.4 here. Theme developers, take note.

Happy testing!

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  1. I installed Aesop to try it, but it wasn’t right for the project. So I disabled/uninstalled it.
    But my wysiwyg editor for creating posts is gone. It disappeared when Aesop was installed – it stayed gone even after uninstall. Came here for help, but cannot join your forums – no sign-up options. Ideas and advice welcome!?

    • Hey Brad! Do you have any other plugins activated that would cause this issue? It’s kinda impossible for a plugin to make the editor go away if the plugin is deactivated. Also, we don’t remove the editor but in the galleries area, posts are not touched.

      P.S – I just deactivated locally and could not replicate the editor disappearing on deactivation.

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