We recently released Aesop Story Engine 1.6.2, which includes a number of updates that make ASE all the better.

[aesop_image img=”http://aesopstoryengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/ase-1.5.1.png” imgwidth=”960px” caption=”Aesop Story Engine’s Quick Start Guide” align=”center” captionposition=”center” lightbox=”off”]

For starters, we added contributor guidelines to our development area, which will help contributors be in the know of the best way to streamline tracking issues and submitting pull requests.

There were a few bugs showing their heads that were exterminated. You will no longer be sent to the top of the post editor when updating a component in Firefox (thanks E.T. Cook!). If a thumbnail size is not available, Aesop will gracefully fallback.

A thank you goes out to David Ryan who helped us remove an iframe border around Kickstarter videos. We also send our appreciation to Paul Eiche who made the image component pass validation with flying colors.

Several new translations were added, including English (United Kingdom), Indonesian, Spanish (Mexico), Burmese, and Arabic. Aesop is now available in 35 languages thanks to WP Translations.

Happy updating!


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