With the new 2.0 release, Aesop Story Engine now supports WordPress Gutenberg.


Now ASE is among the first free plugins to support Gutenberg. Gutenberg itself is in constant development, thus the Aesop support for Gutenberg will evolve in future. We are not suggesting everyone to update to Gutenberg at this point or any point in future. Most likely WordPress will continue to support the users who choose not to switch to Gutenberg. But Aesop will support those who choose to switch to Gutenberg, as well as the users who choose to use the classic editor.

Thanks to Paul Eiche and others who supported this effort.

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  1. Amazing, I’m really happy to see this. Now I can go back to using Aesop to create my stories and inline galleries.

    On that note, my galleries are not rendering properly on Gutenberg pages.. it just lists the images in a vertical list – seems the css and/or js are not taking effect, though it seems they are definitely loading. Any suggestions?

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