Video “Picture in Picture” Option

Thanks to Paul Eiche, there is a new option for videos when scrolling out of view. Selecting “Picture in Picture Mode” will move the video to a corner of the screen, allowing you to scroll and continue watching the video.


Here is a demo. This video will be minimized as you scroll down. You will be able to click on the video to stop playing. (NOTE: If you are using Novella theme, this feature requires Novella 1.7.2 or later.)

Pic in Pic

New Animation Options for Overlay Content

Several Aesop components, including Image, Video, etc have “Overlay Content” options where you can specify texts or HTML codes to be overlayed on top of the media component. Now those contents can have separate reveal animations. This would be a great way to draw more attention to the overlayed elements. Reload to replay the animation.

New Gallery Options

You can now choose the content displayed on lightboxes for Grid and Photoset galleries.

You can also choose to have overlay text for each image in Hero Gallery. You can use HTML to style texts overlayed on each image.


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