We have just released Novella, a WordPress theme for Aesop Story Engine that is precision crafted for writers and storytellers.

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Novella is the result of months of intense research about reading habits in addition to countless hours of development time spent fine tuning the utmost details. Great importance was placed on typography and overall legibility of the theme across multiple devices including tablets and mobile.

A focus on typography.

Near void of options, Novella can be setup in less than 30 seconds. We’ve made migrating from another Aesop Story Engine theme simple. Just activate Novella without the need to worry about losing any content. Novella has two options: global link color and global accent color. In addition, each story (post) can have its own accent color and link color which will bring life and uniqueness into your collection of writings.

One of our favorite features, each story has a progress indicator that moves across the top of the story header giving a beautifully animated display for your readers to know how much further they have to read.


Writers, you will absolutely love the ability to sell story subscriptions within your website thanks to built-in Restrict Content Pro support. With Restrict Content Pro, you can provide users with a teaser of your story, then after they subscribe, they can read the entire story.

Novella is now available for purchase in our Aesop WordPress theme library and don’t forget to take her for a test drive!


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