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Hi Hyun,

I just had a chance to update to the latest Aesop and give it a whirl. The changes you made are a nice addition! (I was able to test on Photoset Layout). Using Grid however, I’m having a hard time saving my ‘Lightbox Text’ selection eg if I switch to Title+Caption, Update, the value returns to Title. This happens with an existing Media gallery or newly created.

One additional consideration. My original intent was to have a string that isn’t visible in Grid layout (I find displaying captions inline rather busy) always visible in Lightbox. That could be accomplished with “always show nav bar in lightbox“ setting, and continue to use Title, or conversely “hide captions in grid” setting and use Caption. I’d be interested in hearing your guidance in which you thought was the better direction. And if the later, would this be better served as an Aesop or Theme-specific setting?

Thank you for taking on improvements to Gallery!