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Hi Hyun,

First and foremost thanks a lot for your support, it’s not only timely but it’s great!

I have been playing with your suggestions and I have achieved almost everything I wanted.
I could leave things as they are with the results I got and it would be fine, but I want to ask you a further couple of things in case it’s possible to fine tune:

If you would be so kind to please go to:


Once there:
Go to the third chapter “DE REGRESO EN CHINA”.
I worked in this chapter with all your advice. I should have known at first that the key was in the overlay, but honestly I am not much of a coder (I’ve had my “crash courses” trying to get this website to look as I want though). As you can see the legibility is much better than the other chapters which I haven’t yet modified. There’s only two things that I wasn’t able to achive:

1. The whole text is not centered vertically as with the default chapters, and I couldn’t find a way to make it. I was on google and reading for a few hours but none of the methods I found would work (a couple of them actually wacked the whole page haha, but I got it back). Do you know how this could be done? Compare that third chapter with “HASTA LUEGO KOREA DEL NORTE” chapter for example, the text is right in the middle both horizontally and vertically.

2. Also, the spacing between the title and the subtitle is too much. See the “HASTA LUEGO KOREA DEL NORTE” chapter and the subtitle is just below the title. But in third and modified chapter, there’s too much space between the title and the subtitle, and I haven’t been able to find a way to make it work, tried playing with HTML, adding just a <br>… stuff like that, but whatever I did couldn’t do the trick as needed.

What I did:
1. I added this additional custom CSS for the tag “<mark>” to display white letters and a black semi-transparent background instead of the default solid yellow:
mark {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.71);color: white;


2.This is the code I wrote in the overlay:
<p style=’font-family:Old Standard TT;font-size:52px;font-weight:300;line-height:57px’><mark>DE REGRESO EN CHINA</mark></p>
<p style=’font-family:Old Standard TT;font-size:29px;font-weight:normal;line-height:29px’><mark>DESHACIENDO LOS PASOS EN SHENYANG</mark>

By the way, as you can see the “Chapters” word translation was a simple as making the .po and .mo files, again I don’t know why didn’t I think of this first, but thanks a lot for your help, I guess I wouldn’t have found it without hahaha.

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