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Hi Hyun,
Indeed if I choose Mute ON I can access the autoplay options.

My issue is that I didn’t want autoplay at all, so not choosing Mute ON shouldn’t have any impact I thought, the video wouldn’t autoplay as intended, and when somebody wanted to play it, it’d play with volume normally.

The behaviour I was having was that it would for some reason autoplay randomly, even with volume.

But I think I found a workaround.
Editing on the text tab, the video component also has the following attributes: viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”.
I just changed those to OFF, and then left the rest as I usually do, and now I’m getting exactly the behaviour I want.

I don’t know what those do, but it made the trick apparently.

So now my videos are mute=”off” autoplay=”off” viewstart=”off” viewend=”off” and I get exactly what I want. A video that’s just there, won’t autoplay, and when some viewer chooses to view it, it starts normally with volume. That had been the usual behaviour until this last change.