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I’m in a similar boat. I’m using Twenty Fourteen and using the Custom CSS at the bottom to make the theme full width.

I read the tutorial above. I replaced my CSS with the Custom CSS at the bottom of the tutorial but no luck (and is the CSS in the tutorial cumulative? There’s three examples of CSS in the tutorial but I’m assuming each subsequent example replaces the previous example since it’s addressing a problem).

The main issue I’m having is using ASE Parallax gallery which loads the images much larger than the page width (and thus cropping the image). Playing with the width variable in the Edit Gallery panel has no effect.

Is there some CSS that I should add to mine to make the Parallax work? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

The custom CSS I’m using to fix Twenty Fourteen width:

/** Fix strangely narrow defaults of 2014 theme */
.site-content .entry-header,
.site-content .entry-content,
.site-content .entry-summary,
.site-content .entry-meta,
.comments-area {
max-width: 100%;