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Nick Haskins


Hey Darrius!
Yep that’s correct. There are a few components in Novella that have been designed in a certain way. This is covered in the owners-manual as far as what components have been designed specifically to the theme, and which controls are not available. I realize it’s confusing to still have the option there, and Aesop Story Engine 1.1 will make this easier on theme developers to hide options that don’t pertain ot the specific theme.

The image component in Novella is my favorite. The image is locked to a width of 1024px maximium. If you align it left, the left side of the image will line up with the left side of the content on large screens, then break down from there. Vice versa for teh right alignment.

You can of course override all of this with some custom CSS if you’d like.

Hope this helps!