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Boris de Jong


Latest Aesop, yes Kerouac. The link is storyfall.nl/interreg.
I think I may have figured out why, and it’s a treacherous thing. Components in the updated Aesop are represented by a black block in the editor that takes up a single line. I noticed how they tend to invoke/insert white empty lines (in the WYSIWYG editor) below themselves too. I found these annoying and assumed them in error so I often mindlessly deleted them. But I suspect now that deleting these white lines actually causes valuable code to be deleted, a problem which the editor then solves by deleting the crippled code – taking chunks of content with it.

Does this sound clear? And plausible? All I know is, since I stopped deleting the ‘random’ white lines, the story content has stayed intact too. I’ll need a different approach how to delete them in final cleanup. Probably through the text editor. At least there, WYSIWYReallyG.

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