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Mark Simchock


p.s. And if you REALLY want to push the envelop (which may or may not attract Automattic), this is a step in the right direction “Beyond the WYSIWYG” and the_content. With this model / approach the_content is more like a storage blob. It’s more or less just the raw structure of what’s to be presented. The actual content is meta data.

Sure, you *might* still have a WYSIWYG but at this point (in the future), it’s just another ASE component type. Now you’re story building start with a raw / empty canvas, and it’s a series of drag & drop boxes that sit on top of (so to speak) the_content. Want to move a picture? Just drag it up. Want to pull something out, but not delete it? Just drag it off the live area / story canvas.

I can be you. Or it can be someone else. But someone IS going to do this, eventually. I mean, a lot of this is already being done, just not for WP. A D&D page build is not really anything new. What’s new is having story-centic components and having it play nice in a WP universe. All VERY doable. Heck I’m just above average and I think with some help I could make a go at it – and you’re far better than I am at this type of dev, right? 🙂

Just sayin’ 🙂

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