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Nick Haskins


Hey Mark,
Thanks for the feedback. I’m not so sure storing all of the attributes in post meta would have any advantages over it’s current implementation, other than the fact that it would then technically be consuming more resources. the post meta table isn’t exactly the most friendly when it comes to large scale applications.

I’ve come across the need once, to access an attributes value from a shortcode, and one of our devs got around it with a regex in TinyMCE.

Regarding a div…a client can break their site with a missing <. You can"t break your site with a mal-formed shortcode. All of this, would be a complete rewrite. We'd also loose the API of the Shortcode that we're utilizing. We'd also loose the has_shortcode function which we rely on a lot. I realize this could be mimicked with individual rejex patterns, but I can't help but think of that old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." With that aside, we're already looking ahead towards the next big version of Aesop, and we've mostly got our minds made up of leaving TinyMCE because of how limiting the environment is. This, is when we move out of the backend, and into the front of the site. Anyways, thanks again for the feedback! Nick