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Mark Simchock


hey nick. thanks

re: #2

well, i’m presuming that ASE is primarily a filter (so to speak) of the_content. And that’s it. It has no awareness of any other WYSIWYG field type (as added via, say, CMBs). So while I can add ASE shortcode to the CMB2 WYSIWYG ASE doesn’t know they’re there. So I need to “force” that filed thought the AS “engine”. Is it as simple as say, say, do_shortcode?

I guess it doesn’t help that I’m merging ASE and CMB2 for the first time at the same time. I’m sure I can figure this out – and even kinda feel like I should know the answer – but it was Sunday and I was thinking / hoping someone has asked this before and the answer / resolution already exists.

What say you?