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Michael Beil


Just to recap our emails, you said:

“It was working last week on Thursday, but I’ve been trying to update the site with some requested style changes. I’ve added custom CSS styling for the site to the main “style.css” stylesheet. I also added in a new plugin called “TinyMCE Advanced” in order to have a custom dropdown menu. I’m not sure what else has changed.

I added in a new “editor-style.css” file to the theme root, but it’s only got 2 lines. Would that mess up anything Aesop?”

Can you restore an older working revision of the post? You may have encountered this edge case where the shortcodes overlap. We had this issue a long time ago, but it was fixed. If a user then saves when they are corrupted. Make sure there’s a space between each component is a good start.

Also, did you create a child theme? You will lose all changes made to the theme the next time we release an update. We also highly recommend using the plugin Simple Custom CSS for adding CSS snippets.