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Dylan Robertson


Let me explain further, and then perhaps you can advise me on the best course of action or offer some kind of service package.

I definitely want, need and require absolutely 100% of the features/functionality offered by Aesop Story Engine, its add-ons and Lasso. I have already purchased them all.


I want to make a site that has the following features/sections.

1. Online Magazine (fancy blog)
This will be for rich media, long-form stories that uses all features of Aesop Story Engine, its add-ons and Lasso. One of your themes or Cohhe’s Longform theme would be ideal for this.

2. A directory of yoga studios
This will use Geodirectory and its various add-ons. So far, Cohhe’s Sky theme offers the best styling and improvements in usability that I have seen for this plugin.

3. A directory of yoga events
This will also use Geodirectory and its events add-on.

4. A directory of yoga teachers
This will use BuddyPress, the Geodirectory BuddyPress compatibility add-on and various other BuddyPress plugins to enable filtering and searching by custom fields so that people can find the right teacher near them.


1. Create a child theme for an ASE-compatible that brings in the styling for Geodirectory that Sky offers.

2. Create a child theme for Sky that brings in the styling for ASE that a fully-compatible theme would offer.

3. Create separate sites and somehow have them linked together via BuddyPress?


For options #1 or #2, hiring you guys to do the work would be ideal. In this case, I would pay you an agreed fee, and you would result in a child theme which you can sell as an additional product.

Or, perhaps if you don’t want to do this type of work, you could allow me to pay you to give advice, consulting and support to my developer – guiding him in the process of creating the child theme. I guess this would be like a premium support contract. I could pay you $X for Y-hours of support time.

Please kindly advise what you can offer.