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Dylan Robertson


Hi Michael,

Actually, after all that fuss (thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my madness, BTW), we decided to instead use WP multisite because we will have various sections of the site that each need to use a dedicated theme.

FYI, our current thoughts are to use:
1. The “Longform” theme by Cohhe for our online magazine of long-form stories that will utilize ASE and Lasso. Once it’s ready, I’ll let you guys know and give you a testimonial for your showcase.
2. The “Sky” theme by Cohhe for our places and events directories using the Geodirectory plugin
3. The “Boss” theme by BossBuddy for our yoga teacher directory built with BuddyPress and some other BP-specific plugins

We’ll be using child themes for each one to give some uniformity in branding and navigation, but apart from that, should be able to use the themes as they are and enjoy smooth updates of the parent themes. Well, that’s our current thinking…

Anyway, thank you very much for the kind recommendation of TunaTraffic. They certainly look awesome and I’ll keep them in mind for possible future work.

I’m currently working with these guys:
http://www.tridaz.eu/ (their website is being renewed)
After I introduced them to ASE, they liked it and recommended it to one of their clients last week.

Best regards,
Dylan Robertson