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John Jones


Thank you for responding. Actually, the Divi Page Builder is an alternative visual page building tool that is activated as an alternative to the standard WordPress editor within the page or post editing area on the back end. It consists of various sections, rows and modules that are used to construct the page. One of the modules is a text module that makes use of a similar version of the wordpress text input area and that is where your “add component” button does show up – same as if I were editing text in the WordPress editor. The only difference is that, within the Divi instance of the text editor the button doesn’t activate anything whereas in the standard WordPress editor, the button works fine. I’m afraid that I don’t know anything deeper, technically, as to how the two text editors are different, however they look exactly the same and have all of the same functions and buttons except the Divi text editor opens up in a separate window. I’ll look at lasso and I can also just use the Aesop functions inside the standard editor but it would be helpful at some point to learn if there is something that is keeping it from working. Thank you. John