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    There is a bug in the filter method AesopBrowserClasses->browser_body_class at line 84, row 67.<br />
    When the HTTP_USER_AGENT header field is not present in the client request, the method should return the current body classes, not false.<br />
    The code in the line should be then:</p>
    <p>if (!array_key_exists(‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’, $_SERVER)) return $classes;</p>
    <p>This happens to us when using special WordPress hosting, like HardyPress<br />
    where there is a crawler that makes the site static before publishing.



    Hyun Supul


    Thank you for your feedback. I will release a new version of ASE with this change in a day or two. Feel free to let us know any other issues or requests.

Viewing 2 posts – 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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