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    Hi! I am trying to display the title and content of my post in two columns, with the title only in the left half, and the content in the right half.<br />

    Setting this up is straightforward in page builders I’ve used in the past, using two columns. I can’t figure out how to do it in ASE though, if I make two columns the content also spills into the first column, under the title.<br />

    Currently I am using a floater element to display the title on the left, and have set content in an offset single column on the right. This achieves what I want for desktop display, but things get weird in smaller screens when the title overlaps into the content column, or when the floater doesn’t display at all.<br />

    My thoughts have been to use a page builder for this, but I can’t get the page builder to play nicely with the other ASE content on the page that I do like. I’ve also thought about adding CSS code to restrict the width of the title floater, make the text size responsive, and make it display on all screen sizes, but I haven’t had any luck with my attempts. I am new so I might be missing something… I really appreciate any pointers!<br />

    The page I’m working on is at http://svdogfish.com/dream-time-in-the-east-cape/

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    Hyun Supul


    Hi, sorry about this late reply. the floater content doesn’t care about what’s underneath because it’s supposed to be a floater. But here is a workaround for you. You can add the following CSS code:

    .aesop-content-component-floater.floater-left {

    Hope this helps.

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